Consultant N. 1 in Russia*

*as rated by "Expert" Rating Agency
Consulting in the sphere of production engineering

We have been helping companies to fulfill requirements of the Federal Law "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities" since 1997. 

Expert appraisal of industrial safety is one of the main areas of activity of GCE Group. We have all necessary licenses and permits confirming our experience and professional competence.

We can offer the following services:

• Re-registration of hazardous production facilities (HPF), with assigning them the respective hazard classes in the state register of HPF (until 01 January, 2014*)

• Development of the Declaration of Industrial Safety for HPF (both for those in operation and as a part of project documentation)

• Expert appraisal of the Declaration of Industrial Safety for the company HPF

• Expert appraisal of industrial safety for design documentation (for conservation, liquidation, technical re-equipment, construction,  reconstruction and major overhaul of HPF)

• Development of emergency localization and response plans.

• Development of Production Control Regulations

• Development and expert appraisal of the Safety Substantiation (safety analysis report) of HPF

• Development of the Industrial Safety Management System

• Methodological support in preparation of a package of documents for obtaining licenses for operation of explosive and chemical hazardous production facilities

• Development of oil spill contingency plans (OSCP)

 • Calculation of risk and accident damages for insurance purposes

• Development of recommendations and technical solutions for reduction of risk associated with HPF

• Industrial safety audits for production companies• Other assistance in fulfilling requirements of the industrial safety legislation, protecting your company from man-made accidents and catastrophic disasters

*In accordance with Federal Law No. 22-FZ of04 March.2013 "On Amendments to the Federal Law on Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities", it is required to perform re-registration of HPF, with assigning them the respective accident hazard classes in the Rostechnadzor Register.The re-registration of hazardous production facilities, with assigning them the respective hazard classes, must be performed until 01 January, 2014.
We provide turnkey services, from development of technical documentation and expert appraisal of industrial safety to legal and methodological support of the documentation agreement and approval procedures at the state supervisory authorities.
Mission of GCE GroupTo help production companies meet public expectations. To promote improvement of the energy efficiency and safety of the world economy, providing services on the utmost professional level. 

   Alexander Moskalenko

Address: 6 Bukharestskaya St., Saint-Petersburg, 192102, Russia

Phone/fax: +7 (812) 334-55-61, 334-55-62

E-mail: gce@gce.ru