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Energy Performance Certificate to be developed for ALROSA


GCE-Energo (a member of GCE Group) and Yakutniproalmaz institute started to develop the Energy Performance Certificate of ALROSA PJSC, the world’s leader in the exploration and extraction of diamond reserves.

The Energy Performance Certificate is a compulsory document required by the applicable law. The development is to be conducted in several stages. At first, data on fuel consumption, areas of energy efficiency improvement and expected savings will be collected and updated based on the results of the previous energy audits. The next stage will consist in development and execution of the Energy Performance Certificate specifying energy saving measures. After that, the Certificate is to be registered at the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

The project completion is scheduled for March, 2018

Under the provisions of Federal Law No. 261-FZ dated 23.11.2009, the Energy Performance Certificate shall be issued every 5 years starting from 2012 and registered at the Ministry of Energy. Availability of the Certificate is verified by Rostechnadzor. The previous Energy Performance Certificate of ALROSA PJSC was issued in 2012.

ALROSA is a mining company engaged in the exploration and extraction of diamond reserves, and marketing and distribution of raw and cut diamonds. The company accounts for 95% of the total diamonds extraction in Russia with 29% share on the global market in 2016.

Reference: GCE Group is one of the worlds’ leading consultants in energy efficiency working independently of power equipment manufacturers. GCE has been providing services to enterprises using various types of energy recourses: electrical energy, heat, steam, solar energy etc. Clients include major companies from oil, gas and other industries.