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Expert: Russia to be seized by natural disasters


It is necessary to prepare for floods, fires and extremely cold weather.

Russia and the world community are approaching the era of catastrophic natural disasters. This was one of the points Eduard Kolpishon, Senior Research Associate of Central Research and Development Institute of Machinery Engineering Technologies, focused on in his presentation at the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety in Saint Petersburg.

«We must get ready for floods, fires, extremely cold weather and earthquakes. Moscow will be the epicenter of natural disasters, Saint Petersburg is in the potentially risk area. This needs to be discussed and not swept under the rug», Kolpishon says.

In 2007, the Fourth Assessment Report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated 90% confidence that the majority of temperature changes are caused by human activities. In 2010, this conclusion was confirmed by science academies of the leading industrial countries. Later on, the IPCC determined human impact on the global hydrological cycle, the atmosphere and ocean temperatures increase, average sea level rise and ice melting.

Source: Business News Agency