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Expert: Philippines keeps tightening occupational safety rules


The aftermath of the fire at the factory of House Technology Industries

The Philippines government keeps tightening occupational safety regulations. Noel Binag, Executive Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Centre, spoke on this at the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety.

"The government turned to strictness after a fire broke out at one of the factories belonging to House Technology Industries. When it comes to people’s lives, mild penalties for violating the rules are definitely insufficient. We must suppress even minor violations to prevent severe catastrophes. Recently our government has adopted a system of fines for violation of regulations. Today, every employer has to pay 2,000 USD per day for administrative infractions, 5,000 USD for each occupational injury and 10,000 USD for each death at work. This is the only way to make companies obey safety regulations," Binag says.

The fire broke out at one of HTI factories in February this year. Over 100 people were injured in the accident. According to Binag, oversights in process organization led to people jumping out of the windows of the 3-storey building. At the time of the fire, over 5 thousand workers were on duty.

Source: Business News Agency