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Expert: EMERCOM of Russia needs a designated safety network to support underground development


Geotechnical monitoring shall be a special focus.

A network of safety services to support underground development must be created at the federal level of EMERCOM of Russia. Vladimir Pisetskiy, Professor, Head of Geoinformatics Department of Ural State Mining University, addressed this issue at the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety in St. Petersburg.

The professor noted that it mostly concerns monitoring of facilities of special importance and mining. He also urged to complete development of the seismic control system for underground excavations. "Special focus must be placed on monitoring and forecasting of hazardous dynamic phenomena as they present a key threat to people’s life and operations efficiency," Pisetskiy says.

Underground development in Russia is regulated by federal laws of 1995. Mining works are subject of Federal Law 27 «On Mineral Resources», Federal Law 116 «On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Industrial Facilities» and the Urban Development Code of Russia. In comparison with mining, underground development in cities presents higher risks.

Source: Business News Agency