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GCE Group to inspect major heat supplier of the Republic of Karelia


KarelEnergoResurs LLC and GCE-Nord LLC (a member of GCE Group) have signed a contract on technical inspection of boiler houses located in Pudozh district of the Republic of Karelia.

KarelEnergoResurs LLC is the unitary heat supplier in 9 Karelian districts. It supplies thermal energy to Medvezhjegorsk, Kem, Belomorsk, Suoyarvi, Kalevala, Muezerskiy, Pudozh, Segezha and Loukhi districts. The company operates about 30 km of heat networks and 127 boiler houses.

Under the new contract, GCE-Nord will carry out predictive maintenance inspection, technical examination and develop performance certificate for 14 boiler houses in Pudozh district. The project completion is scheduled for late summer of 2017.

The inspection is performed subject to Federal Law No. 116-FZ «On industrial safety of hazardous industrial facilities».


GCE-Nord is a member of GCE Group, one of the world’s leaders in energy efficiency and industrial safety consulting. GCE-Nord specializes on industrial safety expert reviews of equipment, buildings and structures at hazardous industrial facilities. Clients of the company are Gazprom, LUKOIL, Transneft, Rosneft, Rusal, Russian Railways.