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GCE Group remains a market leader according to Expert Rating Agency


Expert Rating Agency included GCE Group in its annual rating of top audit and consulting companies in Russia.

The biggest rating agency in the CIS and East Europe – Expert RA – published its ranking of the top audit and consulting groups for 2015.

GCE Group is righteously considered one of the best-known and respectable expert organizations in Russia. Such reputation has been coined for over 20 years of operating in Russia and over 10 years in the global market. Today, GCE Group is the biggest expert organization in Russia with headquarters in St. Petersburg and representative offices in Brazil, Germany, Spain and India.

According to Alexandr Moskalenko, President of GCE Group, “the quantity of our projects evenly transforms into quality and the gained experience enables us to do our job at the top level. We are constantly being told that we need Western technologies. However, it turned out that our technologies are equally demanded in the West. We have a lot of promising developments that raise a great deal of interest. This is especially true for our industrial safety and EnCon software”.