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Ministry of Power has registered Energy Performance Certificate of ARCTICGAS


Energy auditors from GCE Group completed energy survey in ARCTICGAS that resulted in energy conservation options and Energy Performance Certificate development.

ARCTICGAS is an oil/gas/gas condensate exploration and production company operating in Yamalo-Nenetsky autonomous region of Russia. Substantiated reserves of the developed fields are 919 bln. m³ of gas, 862 bln. tons of oil and 279 mln. tons of gas condensate. Cumulative production of the company amounts to 30 bln. m³ of natural gas.

After the survey, energy auditors also developed documents required for energy efficiency improvement trainings that will be provided to engineering staff, giving special focus to the international standard  ISO 50001 implementation and operation practices.

Energy auditors marked energy efficiency of the surveyed gas facilities high. However, they managed to discover additional energy saving potential.  According to information provided by Vasilii Tarasovskii, Director for Energy Efficiency in GCE Group, annual energy saving potential of ARCTICGAS amounts to 4% of overall energy consumption, or 2.4 mln. RUB in monetary values.

Investments required for energy saving initiatives implementation reach 19 mln. RUB, while the payback period is 8 years.  


GCE Group is one of the global key players in energy efficiency consulting independent of energy equipment vendors. The company has prior experience working with all the types of energy: electrical energy, thermal energy, steam, LNG, solar energy, etc.  Among our clients are the biggest companies of oil and gas industries and other sectors.