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Progress received a new energy performance certificate


Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company of N.I. Sazykin, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters Holding (Rostec Corporation), received another energy performance certificate valid for the following 5 years. The document was issued based on the results of an energy audit conducted in November.

The energy performance certificate of Progress AAC was developed by GCE Group (St. Petersburg). The external experts visited the company, studied the existing infrastructure and respective documents. After that, they issued an updated EPC that included information on the facilities of the plant, available energy and fuel resources, fuel costs, energy consumption of each unit of the process equipment, energy losses etc. A part of the document is an energy efficiency program supported with evaluation of the energy saving potential and possible cost reduction.

Moreover, Progress AAC suggested elaboration of an extended program for the company’s energy infrastructure development to 2025 with a complete list of recommendations. For this purpose, the experts of GCE Group visited the plant once again to perform actual measurements and adjust the documents assessment. The extended program is to be handed over to the company in the first quarter of this year.

According to the energy auditors, Progress AAC is taking sufficient measures in energy saving that translate into tangible results. Namely, it was revealed that the company had considerably reduced its heat and electricity consumption since 2010 and thus has already fulfilled the Order of the Russian President that prescribes all industrial entities to reach 40% reduction of energy consumption by 2020.

Such results have been achieved largely due to the intensive work that the company’s energy department has carried out for the past several years: installation of new compressors, winterization of most buildings, replacement of some of the transformers, installation of LED lamps and other activities that allowed to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy losses. Next year the company is going to pursue its efforts to reduce energy costs within the framework of the allocated funds.

The energy performance certificate is document that contains full information on the energy infrastructure of a company. It is mandatory for all companies subject to Federal Law No. 261 «On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement» dates 23.11.2009.

Source: AviaPort